"The sound of the soul is an option of life conceived from the conscience and the balance to promote and strengthen community life."

The Sound of the Inner Voice Workshop returns to Bogotá on december 2nd and 3rd.

This special space designed to make possible an encounter between us and the voice that inhabits in our inner being, wil take place again in Bogotá on december 2nd and 3rd on Monica Fuquen’s “Sound of the Soul” Headquarters.

In october Mónica Fuquen's "Sound of the Soul" visits Barranquilla

The Sound of the Soul visits the city with the “Sound of the Inner Voice” Workshop, individual “Sessions of Sound” and a therapeutic concert that will take place on Barranquilla. Check all the information about this events and pu it on your schedule now.


  • “The Sound of the Soul radio show”, every wednesday 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
  • Mónica Fuquen’s “Sound of the Soul” visits Barranquilla – 26 – 31 Oct. (Places to be informed).
  • “The Sound of the Inner Voice Workshop”, december 2nd – 3rd. Mónica Fuquen’s “Sound of the Soul” HQ.

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“Conscious Music has the power to transform human beings from their connection with their own vibration.”

The Sound of the Soul

Framed within the genre of conscious music, the inspiration of Monica Fuquen compositions’ rise from singing itself, where her voice, corporeal, deep and unique is untied to travel with musical notes that create a deep connection with the essence of the listeners.

Conscious Music

Sound of the Soul

Spheres of Creation

Back to Love

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We invite you to listen to this SAMPLE of “Sound of the Soul”.

A country in peace is possible from the harmony of every individual with oneself and his or her immediate surroundings.

Light and Harmony

Created as the first festival for the Conscious Music genre, Light and Harmony strives to generate in people moments of connection with surroundings that generate calmness and peace to build tolerant and cooperative people in the development of city values. See more.

Land of Peace

TIERRA DE PAZ (Land of Peace) is a Cumbria rhythm seeking to unite Colombians in an only single song on the path toward peace; it is aimed to touch the hearts of all to make the change toward a new Colombia, where love and hope are planted under the certainty of a country that believes in life. This song is a sample of the union of different artists and people who project their voice in a land of peace!
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